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Hear Arp Ditch Synths for a Church Organ on ‘More (Blues)’

Alexis Georgopoulos announces LP3, aptly titled 'MORE'

picture-18547-1390524318Kyle McGovern // June 12, 2013

Arp, a.k.a. electro composer Alexis Georgopoulos, is leaving synth abstraction behind on his next album. On September 17, Smalltown Supersound will release MORE, a 12-track collection that marks a dramatic shift for the New York-based artist. According to an official announcement, the proper follow-up to 2010’s slow-burning The Soft Wave melds “bedroom art-pop with avant-garde composition to create a world of heady atmospherics and melodic songcraft over its concentrated 46-minute arc.” 

The LP is played almost entirely by Georgopoulos and dips into a variety of specific styles and sub-genres, among them: “’70s art rock, autumnal baroque pop, musique concréte, minimalistic piano epics, narcotic gospel, sound library atmospheres, and delicate space folk.” For a peek at the so-called “narcotic gospel” tune, find swaying, horn-swollen “More (Blues)” below. 

MORE track list: 

1. “High-Heeled Clouds”
2. “Judy Nylon”
3. “A Tiger in the Hall at Versailles”
4. “E2 Octopus”
5. “Light + Sound”
6. “17th Daydream”
7. “Gravity (for Charlemagne Palestine)”
8. “Invisible Signals”
9. “More (Blues)”
10. “V2 Slight Return”
11. “Daphne & Chloe”
12. “Persuasion”

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