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Watch Phoenix Glide Smoothly Through Four ‘Bankrupt!’ Songs on ‘Kimmel’

An embarrassment of 'Bankrupt!' riches

picture-18576-1373300776Marc Hogan // April 19, 2013

Phoenix’s new album, out April 23 but streaming now, may be Bankrupt!, but they’re not being tight-fisted about previewing new material. The suave French rockers, purveyors of one Coachella’s best sets last weekend, already visited Saturday Night Live, where they performed not only much-remixed single “Entertainment” but also a two-song suite of Bankrupt!‘s “Trying to Be Cool” and “Drakkar Noir.” Last night, Phoenix descended upon Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and while for the on-air portion they once again nonchalantly performed ambivalent being-a-pop-star contemplation “Entertainment,” online they stretched out their SNL medley to three songs: “Trying to Be Cool,” “Drakkar Noir,” and gently imploring “Choloroform,” where frontman Thomas Mars sings, before pan-flute samples, “I will marry you on Tuesday / I don’t always tell the truth.” You can buy his band’s album Tuesday, and that’s the God’s honest truth.