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Why is There an Inescapable Bond Between Music and Casinos?

Music is something that is important to most people’s lives and is something which enriches our existence. Whether you like thrash metal, swing, house or indie, there is always a song to make you feel better at the end of a tiring day. Music is also there whenever we want to celebrate, commiserate or start the party. 

When we take a look around, though, it is clear to see other activities that play a key role in many people’s lives. One example that is closely linked to music is casino gaming. After all, playing a classic like blackjack is something people across the globe have loved doing for a long time and is also an activity that is closely allied to music itself.

But why is this true? 

Music and online casinos closely linked

The bond between the worlds of music and casinos is easy to see in the iGaming sector on a global scale. It does not matter what country a casino may operate in or where a player may try online casino games, music plays a central role in how good the experience is. 

If you play in Canada, for example, and are based in Ontario, how any operator uses music to enhance gaming sessions is key to their overall appeal. This sees any top casino in the province focusing on this as part of their overall design. This, of course, is also true for iGaming platforms in other locations such as the US, the UK and around the rest of the world.

How do online casinos use music? 

We all know how awesome the best new music is to listen to and how music can be used in areas such as marketing to catch people’s attention. But how do innovative online casinos tend to use it in their operations? 

To begin with, many online casinos will use upbeat background music when players first log in or visit their homepage. This helps to set a positive tone and ensure players feel good when visiting the casino. Music is also a key element in the games that internet casinos carry. 

All the best digital casino classics will include sharp, catchy music as part of their design and this makes them a lot more fun to try. Online slots are a good example of this and top slot games online now have awesome soundtracks or sound FX to wow players with.

Physical casinos also linked to music

When you realize that the size of the global online gambling market in 2022 was around $63 billion, it is clear just how popular iGaming is now. Playing games at physical casinos is still an alternative people enjoy, though, and music is also closely linked to it. 

As with online gaming, the bond between physical casino sites and music lies in how casinos use it. This can see the top gaming palaces around the world piping music into their premises for players to enjoy listening to as they gamble. As with online casinos, this music is key to setting the right atmosphere and providing a top-class gaming experience. 

Physical casinos are also closely linked to live music and this can see bands and artists hired to play at the premises. This not only helps casino resorts attract gamblers but also people who might come to catch a gig but then stay to play a few games afterwards. 

The most famous example of this is Las Vegas and how top casinos there hire the most famous artists around as residents for a season. While this started with Elvis Presley, more recent examples include Britney Spears and Lady Gaga. 

Music and casinos linked in pop culture

Pop culture is something that influences how people all over the world live. Pop culture in Canada, for example, has had a massive impact on the music the country has produced and this is true across the rest of the planet. Popular culture is also perhaps the last major way in which music is merged with the casino industry. 

This can be seen in how movies that are based on the casino theme use cool musical soundtracks within them. Martin Scorsese’s Casino from 1995 came with a soundtrack that included iconic artists such as Roxy Music. Ocean’s Eleven (2001) is another great example of how music combined with film to stunning effect. By blending the two together, they become linked in people’s minds and fused to one another in popular culture. 

Casino and music sectors share a bond

In addition to the above, you should factor in that both music and casino games have not only been around for a long time but have also been popular globally for ages. These things help link them together and form a natural connection as similar activities in our minds.