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UEFA Euro 2024 Theme Music

Introduction About Uefa Euro 2024

Within the last day, UEFA released the EURO 2024 official song artists lists for the song and anthem – the YouTube video was a great piece of marketing. And after the 2020 soundtrack produced by Martin Garrex, we’d say the official Euro 2024 soundtrack has big boots to fill. In fact, there’s a long line of boots to fill of people who have created UEFA European Championship songs and anthems

The Euro 2024 theme music follows artists like Oceana, David Guetta featuring Zara Larsson, and more. 

And we think the theme music is significant. Depending on how catchy it is, it’ll stick in your head. There are enough games to watch for it too, anyway.

And major football tournaments like the UEFA European Championship have always had theme music. They killed it with the UEFA Champions League anthem – if you don’t think of that and scream ‘shout the champions!!’ in your head, then you probably haven’t watched a game before. They’re melodies that stick with us. You don’t even need to be a football fan to know them.

Still, the euros are different, and they have a new anthem and song each tournament by different artists.

Below, we’ll reveal the artists picked to create the UEFA Euro 2024 anthem and song.

Who Will Sing at Euro 2024?

At UEFA Euro 2024, a groundbreaking musical collaboration will hook fans (and non-fans, because the radio will play it 100 times a day). Italian DJs/ producers Meduza, the American pop-rock band OneRepublic, and German pop star Kim Petras have been selected to craft the tournament’s official anthem, marking a harmonious blend of electronic, pop, and rock genres. They were chosen because UEFA thinks they’ll represent what’s at the heart of the UEFA Euros 2024 – unity, passion, and diversity.


Meduza is an Italian DJ and producer group. If you’re from Italy, you’ll have heard of them. Well, actually, if you’re from any part of Europe, you might have heard of them. But they’re extremely popular in Italy. They create electronic and deep house music – the beats are melodic. Some of their hits since their explosive debut in 2019 with Piece of Your Heart include: 

  • Lose control with Becky Hill and Goodboys
  • Paradice with Dermot Kennedy. 

You might have listened to these songs but not realized it was them. Those are the ones you’re most likely to have heard of. What we know is they’re going to bring a deep house or electronic vibe to the anthem – and we love it. 

Meduza’s ability to create anthems that resonate on a deep emotional level, combined with their experience performing at major music festivals around the world, positions them perfectly to contribute a track that will echo through stadiums and fan zones alike.


OneRepublic is an incredible band led by Ryan Tedder. They’re big in the pop-rock genre with an impressive array of hits – Counting Stars, Apologize, and Secrets” are some of their most popular. We suspect they’ll bring instrumental flair to the anthem. 

Tedder’s love for football and his experience creating music make this band a perfect pick for creating the song. They’ve done tons of successful global tours alongside consistent chart success. We can’t wait to see what they create. 

Kim Petras

Kim Petras, Germany-born and bred, is the third addition to the new ‘Euro Band.’ Her groundbreaking journey in the pop music industry includes hits like “Heart to Break” and her Grammy-winning collaboration “Unholy” with Sam Smith. She knows how to create incredible music. Petras’s performances at major music festivals and events and her growing discography make her the perfect addition to creating the Euros 2024 anthem. 

Euro 2024 Song and Anthem

Only the basics of the UEFA Euro 2024 theme song details are out. What we do know – is UEFA thinks it will be the sound of the summer. And so do the artists. And if you know them individually and know their music, you’ll know the combination of these three has the potential to be record-breaking. Literally.

The Grammy-nominated Italian DJ/producer group Meduza, American pop-rock band OneRepublic, and German pop sensation Kim Petras are perfect for creating the anthem and song.

The creative process behind the official Euro 2024 anthem blends diverse musical talents and visions – each one is different. You have a DJ/producer, a pop-rock bank, and a pop singer. 

The Euro 2024 anthem release is scheduled for spring 2024, and it’s more than a song. It should be the passion, heartbeat, and unity of the game. Intense. 

Meduza brings electrifying electronic beats. They’re renowned for moving crowds and creating an atmosphere with pure energy. Their approach to the anthem is to mirror the intense passion that football has. They said, “It’s an honor to create a song that mirrors the passion of EURO 2024 and resonates with fellow football fans.” Let’s see what they can do.

OneRepublic is known for pop-rock sounds and global hits – they’ll add emotion, melody, and storytelling to the anthem. Lead singer Ryan Tedder, a Grammy award winner, brings his experience and personal connection to football. He’ll ensure that the anthem carries the emotional weight and universal appeal befitting such a grand event.

Kim Petras has a distinctive pop talent – her voice is beautiful. She uses her personal experiences and the football culture of her home country, Germany, to make a celebratory and nostalgic anthem. Her participation adds some star power. 

Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA’s Marketing Director, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration. He said that the fusion of music and football creates an immersive experience for fans – and it really does, especially if you get to hear it echo around the stadium like 30 million people are trying to. With a song like they’ll produce, it’ll be impossible not to love.

The anthem will play on multiple platforms – on the TV, streaming services, in pubs, and even, undoubtedly, on TikTok. It’ll be good exposure for the Euro 2024 music artists who aren’t necessarily known globally, but their music soon will be.

Some people think the Euro 2024 theme music will be the track of the summer. And if you remember the summer of 2016 for the Euros and how good that was watching the games in pubs and sports bars, you’ll know how good the anthem can be.  

The closing ceremony at the end of the tournament should be exciting. There’ll be a live performance of the UEFA Euro 2024 anthem by Meduza, OneRepublic, and Kim Petras. We hope it rivals some of the latest Super Bowl HalfTime performances – Usher knocked it out of the park this year. 

The Euro 2024 official song will be incredible. So will the entire tournament. The Uefa Euro 2024 betting odds are already in for teams like England, Spain, and France to win. And now people are betting on what they think the new soundtrack of the summer, sorry, Euros, will sound like. 


Do you know the artists? Granted, they’re not as globally well-known as 2020’s Martin Garrex, but they are good. Listen to their music and tell us what you think about the Euro 2024 music artists in the comment section. You can also tell us whether you think they’ll produce a good song and anthem for the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship.