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The Sweetest Airport Suite: How Your Favorite Rock Stars Fly (and You Can Too, for Some Serious Cash)

LAX is almost synonymous with chaos. From bumper-to-bumper traffic to the ever-arduous security-screening process, navigating the airport is seldom pleasant. By the time you finally plop down in your seat, you’re likely exhausted.

Enter P/S, the luxury terminal service striving to “reimagine the airport experience.” While first-class is concerned with in-air satisfaction, P/S recognizes the importance of the time before you board.

“We’re a private airport terminal for commercial flights. When you choose us, there’s safety, privacy, comfort, and luxury. Our goal is that you’re at ease,” says CO-CEO of P/S, Amina Belouizdad. “We’ve all been there, rushing through the airport. Then, once you finally make it into your seat, there’s a sigh of relief. You’re like, ‘Ah, I’m here, I made it.’ Our goal is to have you feel that before you even get on the plane.”

Unfortunately, the price point isn’t for everyone. In fact, P/S is probably how your favorite rock stars fly. For non-members, domestic or international travel is over $4,000 one-way, a hefty fee for anyone not selling-out shows. But this is a godsend for those with plump pockets or the desire to avoid paparazzi.

Originally called Private Suite, P/S was launched by Joshua Gausman and Amina Belouizdad in 2017. The duo imagined an airport environment that focused heavily on privacy and safety while simultaneously providing luxury and ease. That’s why P/S is located in a secluded section of LAX only accessible via Imperial Highway. This significantly cuts down on airport traffic – half the battle – and eliminates the inconvenient drop-off experience. Instead, you drive directly to the standalone terminal located on the other side of the airfield where your luxury suite and spa await you. The departure process looks something like this:

“When you drive up, we only let you in if we know you’re coming. There are no walk-ins, no random people wandering around. You enter through a secure gate and you’re met by our team who will then valet your car for you. We also take care of your luggage, including checking it. Then, we escort you to your suite which is a lot more like a hotel than an airport. You have your own private bathroom and everything. Our goal is that you spend the time before you fly just as you wish. You can get a manicure ($110), a haircut ($75), a massage ($119). We can get you In-N-Out, Nobu, etc., or you can order from our menu. You can watch a movie, hang out with your crew, anything you want.”

The perks of P/S don’t stop with the luxury suite — they extend to TSA and transportation as well. P/S even staggers its users to ensure complete privacy. If so desired, you won’t lay eyes on another flyer until securely in your seat.

“We escort you through TSA that’s exclusive to our building. It’s designed to be private, so even if you have other P/S travelers on your flight, you won’t see them and they won’t see you. Once you’ve cleared TSA, we chauffer you in a BMW 7 Series to your commercial flight. We then escort you to the exterior staircase of the aircraft – head-of-state style – and into your seat. Upon arrival [back at LAX], it’s the exact same thing in reverse.”

P/S doesn’t stand alone when it comes to luxury provisions, but they reign supreme when it comes to proficiency and personalization. Developed at Gavin da Becker & Associates – the leading L.A. security firm – P/S specializes in soundness and trust. There’s little more important to the travel experts than their clients’ comfort – both physically and mentally. What’s more, P/S personalizes each passenger’s experience as precisely as they can – even if the requests are of rock star caliber.

“We pride ourselves on accommodating people’s special needs. For example, we have a customer that always wants a Peloton [workout bike] in their suite. We made that happen. We also have quite a few music artists as clients and they trust us to handle their super sensitive equipment: heavy electric keyboards, guitars, things like that. We handle them, get them to the aircraft, speak to the crew, and make sure we can find a safe place for that equipment either below the deck or in the cabin. A lot of our customers treat us like an extension of their team, and we act as such.”

As far as rock stars go, P/S is no stranger to dealing with the specific demands of celebrities. They’ve even become specialists in avoiding the plague that is the paparazzi. In fact, P/S’s area of expertise might be rising to the occasion, quickly and skillfully neutralizing any and all threats. Even when not prepared, P/S boasts the brilliance to stealthily adapt.

“We once had an ultra-VIP who needed a meeting with their legal team. Their legal team flew in from another city into P/S and, unfortunately, there was paparazzi outside expecting them. We found a way to get them into P/S through a secret backdoor, and they were able meet with their legal team on a particularly important matter. That meeting happened without any paparazzi interference. That’s the kind of magic we make happen. We are in the business of making the impossible possible.”

Despite its rock-star appeal, P/S isn’t just for celebrities. The company makes it known that anybody who desires privacy, security, comfort, and luxury is welcome to become a member (at a discounted rate even). Refreshingly, P/S’s paramount concern seems to be one thing: the passenger. In an environment that seems designed to distress, their approach is as innovative as it is expensive. But who knows? If you start saving now, you too might be able to sit pretty in L.A.’s most exclusive airport suites, perhaps only a few doors down from your favorite rock star.

P/S is arriving in other cities ASAP.