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The Music Of The Superbowl Over The 10 Last Years

Casinos have included famous music in the background of online casino gaming and in land-based casinos, music is played to help players execute their different moves. One can participate in several activities, like to play sportsbook on betmgm in a casino while enjoying the excellent music that is played. Several songs have been featured in Super bowls, and they are regularly played in different casinos, including;

2016- Beyonce and Bruno Mars- Coldplay

After debuting as an alt-rock act in 2000 with the song Yellow, no one thought that Coldplay would gunner a super bowl status. The song took over airwaves in the world, and it ended being featured in the 50th Super Bowl, adding fun to the music by the inclusion of color and dance groove in their performance.

1993- Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s songs like Billie Jean, Jam, We Are The World, and Black and White are famous tunes worldwide. They are played in most gaming in the world, including casino gaming and NFL, keeping viewers glued to the game and keeping the players on their toes as they play.

2017-Lady Gaga

From the Super Bowl stadium roof, Lady Gaga opened the stage with her various tunes that captivated the whole audience in New York City, including; God Bless America and This Land Is Your Land. She played other tunes after landing on the stage, making fun and fantastic shows in the history of Super Bowls, and the way she left the stage was purely remarkable.

2013- Beyonce

after the exceptional performance she did on the second inauguration of President Barack Obama. Beyonce set the Super Bowl halftime on fire with the nine-medley song that she performed with a guitar shooting fireworks into the air. Alongside Kelly Rowland and Williams Michelle, they performed Independent Women Part 1, Single Ladies. She closed with Halo, and New Orleans was mesmerized with the whole performance to the extent of delaying the second half of the game.

2015- Katy Perry

During the XLIX Super Bowl halftime show, she performed over a million viewers tuned in from different locations to watch the show breaking the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show in history. She performed various songs, including; I kissed A Girl, and Firework, among others, and her well-articulated dance moves captivated the whole crowd.

2020- Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

The duo performed at the LIV Super Bowl during the halftime show. The performance celebrated Miami’s Latinx culture, and they performed various songs, including; Whenever, Wherever, and Hips Do Not Lie. Shakira joined, and the two created an outstanding performance of Shakira’s Waka Waka song- It Is Time For Africa.

2012- Madonna

She performed at the XLVI Super Bowl halftime performed among other featured celebrities, including Nicki Minaj. The super-amazing performance left a mark on the viewers making their experience electric.

Among other fantastic performance from the various musician in the Super Bowl halftime include;

  • 2009- Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
  • 2002- U2
  • 2007- Prince

In conclusion, music has and continues to be a significant contributor to many entertainment industries, including the gambling industry. Various songs have featured in the Super Bowl halftime performance leading to a great experience for the viewers.