Guardian Critic Dan Hancox’s Book on the History of Grime to Receive TV Adaptation

Longtime Guardian journalist Dan Hancox published the book Inner City Pressure: The Story of Grime earlier this year. The non-fiction work, which documents the early-aughts…
Rob Arcand / November 10, 2018

BBC’s ‘Leading Black Music Station’ Dubs Ed Sheeran ‘Most Important U.K. Artist’

U.K. pop folkie Ed Sheeran topped a British radio station's list of "most important U.K. artists in the scene" which wouldn't be all that notable…
Colin Joyce / July 12, 2014

Wiley, ‘100% Publishing’ (Big Dada)

Over two decades, British grime pioneer Wiley has ricocheted between labels and even tailored his austere rap style for crossover success (2009 U.K. hit "Wearing…
Kevin O'Donnell / June 27, 2011