White House

Donald Trump’s Reportedly Eyeing a Return to Reality TV, and It’s Not the Worst Thing

Although Donald Trump has assumed the mantle of leader of the free world and all the power that comes with it, the president apparently still…
Maggie Serota / November 7, 2019

What Is Trump Doing to Nationals’ Catcher Kurt Suzuki?

Most people would, at the very least, be disturbed if President Donald Trump crept up behind them and reached around to press his palms against…
Maggie Serota / November 4, 2019

Jared Kushner Had His Security Clearance Downgraded

Jared Kushner—senior adviser to his father-in-law and the person who was initially tasked with bringing peace to the Middle East—has had his security…
Andrew Matson / February 27, 2018

Here Are the Eagles Who Won’t Go to the White House Because of Trump

Individual players on the Philadelphia Eagles, are already starting to announce their intentions to decline the traditional White House invitation extended to Super Bowl champions.
Maggie Serota / February 5, 2018

Watch Chance the Rapper Perform “Sunday Candy” at the White House

BET probably covered their last White House event for a while back in October. And last night, Chance the Rapper and the Social Experiment gave…
Brian Josephs / December 2, 2016

This Is the Last Swag Surf We’ll See in the White House for a While

Earlier this week, BET aired Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience—a concert tribute to Barack Obama. This was the same event that Dave Chappelle referenced in…
Brian Josephs / November 17, 2016