Was (Not Was)

Designed to Kill: 8 Essentials of ZE Records

By the end of the '70s, disco was turning rockier (think Prince, or Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff") new wave was turning dancier (think the B-52's,…
Chuck Eddy / September 27, 2012

20 Years Later: Was (Not Was) Still Boggle the Mind

Welcome to a new, occasional series in which I'll be shining a spotlight on club classics that were released 20 years ago. My first pick…
Philip Sherburne / May 7, 2012

Punk Funk

Gang of Four Entertainment! EMI, 1979 Leeds University Marxists ill-advisedly set out to save the world by deconstructing disco's profit motive. Compact harmolodic rhythms turn…
Chuck Eddy / February 1, 2009