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The Taylor Swift Bump: Who’s Gotten a Helping Hand From Pop’s Biggest Name?

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift tweeted her approval for a little-known artist named Børns, and her fans responded by flooding the singer's SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes,…
Brennan Carley / January 30, 2015

Vance Joy Pulls ‘Conan’ Into His ‘Riptide’

Armed only with a ukulele and his pristine voice, Vance Joy went on Conan on Wednesday night to play a stirring rendition of his big hit "Riptide."
James Grebey / December 18, 2014

See Taylor Swift Submerge Herself in Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’

Doing folk-rock covers seems to bring out the best in Taylor Swift as a performer. A couple of years ago, she offered a superior take…
Andrew Unterberger / October 9, 2014

Vance Joy Gets Wistful About Late Night Flights on ‘Red Eye’

Vance Joy, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter also known as James Keogh, celebrated the release of his debut album Dream Your Life Away on Atlantic earlier this week.
Luis Polanco / September 12, 2014