The Unicorns’ Alden Penner Announces EP and Tour With Michael Cera

Last year, Unicorns' Alden Penner collaborated with Michael Cera on a track called "Meditate," and now they've teamed up again on a forthcoming EP, Canada In Space.
Rachel Brodsky / April 27, 2015

Hear the Unicorns Cover Daniel Johnston’s ‘Rocketship’ in Lovely Weirdness

Eerily, the Unicorns predicted their return the last time we heard from them, via The Unicorns: 2014. That 2004 EP was the beloved odd-pop band's…
Chris Martins / July 21, 2014

Nick Thorburn on Unicorns Reunion: ‘Don’t Get Your Hopes Up’

Rumors of the Unicorns' resurrection have been slightly exaggerated. In a new podcast interview, group co-founder Alden Penner teased the possibility of a reunion tour,…
Chris Martins / February 13, 2014

Watch the Darkness’ Cartoonishly Excessive ‘Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us’ Clip

When the going gets tough, artists hoping to capture the moment have a couple of options: feel our pain, or help us pretend that the…
Marc Hogan / February 1, 2012

Alden Penner of Clues Loves ‘Tao of Pooh’

Clues frontman Alden Penner reads a lot of books. And though he doesn't necessarily finish them all, the ex-Unicorns man says a wide variety of…
Emily Zemler / May 28, 2009

Arcade Fire and Unicorns Form New Group

Devoted chroniclers of the Canadian music scene may already be hip to Clues, the musical project of Alden Penner (the Unicorns) and Brendan Reed (Arcade…
Melissa Goldstein / November 4, 2008

Human Highway Play First-Ever Live Show

New York City's intimate Cake Shop isn't normally a venue for stand-up comedy, but last night's first-ever set from folksy duo Human Highway -- a.k.a.,…
Larry Fitzmaurice / September 16, 2008