Twin Peaks: The Return

David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti Announce Release of ’90s Collaborative LP Thought Gang

Sacred Bones Records is bringing a long-lost treasure to light: the collaborative album David Lynch and his go-to composer Angelo Badalamenti recorded in 1992 and…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 18, 2018

David Lynch Talks Louis C.K., Milkshakes, Vaping, and Why He Loves Fancy Electric Toilets

A treat you didn't know you were waiting for: Two new in-depth interviews with enigmatic director David Lynch, published over the weekend by the Guardian and…
Anna Gaca / June 25, 2018

2018 Golden Globes: Kyle MacLachlan Was Robbed

I don't mean to disparage Ewan McGregor's Golden Globes win for Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture for Television.
Maggie Serota / January 8, 2018

Why Twin Peaks: The Return Was One of the Funniest Shows of 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return, the third season David Lynch and Mark Frost's landmark series, was shut out of Sunday's Golden Globes nominations, save for Kyle MacLachlan's…
Maggie Serota / January 5, 2018

David Bowie Asked David Lynch to Overdub His Southern Accent in the New Twin Peaks

In a new interview with Pitchfork, David Lynch opened up about the methodology behind the music in his ambitious, recently-concluded 18-hour series Twin Peaks: The Return. The…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 19, 2017

David Lynch Rejected a Nine Inch Nails Song For Twin Peaks Over Not Being “Ugly” Enough

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross appeared on Chicago's 101WKQX last week to discuss their recent activity: the last two Nine Inch Nails EPs Not the Actual Events…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 18, 2017

Before He Died, David Bowie Gave Permission For His Twin Peaks Character to Return

Phillip Jeffries, the mysterious FBI agent portrayed by David Bowie in the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, returned in the recently concluded Twin Peaks: The Return. In…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 11, 2017

Twin Peaks Ended, Once Again, With a New Beginning

It wasn't just the need for loose ends to be tied up that made the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return the series' most trying hour. It was also…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 5, 2017

Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel Recorded 20 Hours of Music for Twin Peaks, Says Dear Tommy is “100%” Coming Out

Chromatics' Johnny Jewel gave a rare interview to Consequence of Sound to promote the soundtrack for Twin Peaks: The Return, in which the band appeared playing…
Winston Cook-Wilson / September 5, 2017

Watch Eddie Vedder Perform on Twin Peaks

When the Roadhouse announcer announced "Edward Louis Severson," it took either prodigious '90s-music fandom to remember that name or a few moments of squinting to…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 28, 2017

Twin Peaks Brought Back David Bowie’s Character In the Most Insane Way Possible

Warning: Important spoilers about Part 15 of Twin Peaks: The Return follow. In the fifteenth installment of Twin Peaks: The Return last night, Phillip…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 21, 2017

Latest Twin Peaks Episode Dedicated to David Bowie, Who Reappeared Via Archival Footage

Crucial to the plot of David Lynch's Twin Peaks sequel series Twin Peaks: The Return has been the unlikely character of Phillip Jeffries, one of the select…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 14, 2017

Moby Is the Latest Musician to Show Up on Twin Peaks

Last night's conclusive music sequence on the new Twin Peaks came from Rebekah del Rio, the Los Angeles singer who most famously collaborated with David…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 17, 2017

Twin Peaks’ “The Search For the Zone” Website Actually Exists and It’s Great

Part 9 of Twin Peaks: The Return, which aired last night, felt like a return to normal plot movement after the lyrical abstraction of the previous week's episode. For a…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 10, 2017

Sky Ferreira, Hudson Mohawke, and Au Revoir Simone Appeared on Last Night’s Twin Peaks

For pop music fans--as well as Matthew Lillard fans--last night's Twin Peaks: The Return was a big deal. As has become standard, the show's ninth installment concluded…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 10, 2017
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