Twiggy Ramirez

After #MeToo: Accusers of R. Kelly, Jesse Lacey, and More on Enduring Fan Harrassment

Kitti Jones met R. Kelly after a show in Dallas in 2011, while she was working as a DJ for 97.9 The Beat, a local…
Andy Cush / August 14, 2018

Twiggy Ramirez Responds To Rape and Abuse Allegations

Guitarist Twiggy Ramirez, born Jeordie White, was dismissed from Marilyn Manson's band this week following allegations of rape and assault made against him. Jessicka Addams, member of punk…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 26, 2017

Marilyn Manson Fires Twiggy Ramirez Following Rape and Assault Allegations

Marilyn Manson has severed ties with Twiggy Ramirez, the bass player with whom he has performed and recorded on and off since the 1980s, and who was…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 25, 2017

Marilyn Manson Bassist Twiggy Ramirez Accused of Rape

Jessicka Addams of the riot grrrl band Jack Off Jill has accused her former boyfriend, Twiggy Ramirez, of rape as well as physical and psychological…

Marilyn Manson Goes “Punk” On New Album

Marilyn Manson is going punk on his upcoming eighth studio album.
William Goodman / November 3, 2010