tracy chapman

Our Review of 1997’s Lilith Fair, Featuring Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Paula Cole, and More

"JUST A SECOND, just a second now," said Canadian performer Kinnie Starr as she abruptly swung her electric guitar down and stepped off the tiny…
Evelyn Mcdonnell / April 26, 2017

Justin Bieber Plays Lounge Singer on Beatles, Drake, and Tracy Chapman Covers in Toronto

Having re-conquered the pop universe, Justin Bieber can afford to play the occasional quaintly intimate acoustic show for contrast's sake whenever he gets sick of…
Andrew Unterberger / December 8, 2015

Sam Smith Slows Down Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ for BBC Live Lounge

If Sam Smith is upset after being called a "chubby fuck factory" by RiFF RAFF, the British singer isn't letting it affect his performance. He…
Dan Reilly / September 4, 2014