Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Hear Dillon Francis and T.E.E.D.’s ‘Without You’ Remixed Seven Ways

Los Angeles producer Dillon Francis surprised fans this year with a transcendent little breakup song called "Without You," a collaboration with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs that…
Chris Martins / December 10, 2013

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, ‘Trouble’ (Polydor)

Oxford boffin croons over early house signifiers as kaleidoscopic jazz butterflies flutter.
Barry Walters / July 2, 2012

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and His Jurassic Pop

If there's a sillier name in dance music right now than "Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs," that'd be news to me. And that, says Orlando Higginbottom,…
Philip Sherburne / June 12, 2012

Control Voltage’s Friday Five

I’d hoped to spend this week talking about the new Pepe Bradock EP, the first in a trilogy from the extraordinary French house producer (and…
Philip Sherburne / April 6, 2012