Toni Cornell

Vicky and Toni Cornell Pay Tribute to Temple of the Dog’s ‘Hunger Strike’ on Song’s 30th Anniversary

It's crazy to imagine, but today (Jan. 14) marks 30 years since the grunge power ballad "Hunger Strike" was first released. Though Temple of the…
Daniel Kohn / January 14, 2021

Toni Cornell Launches Education Initiative, Shares Letter About Addiction

Toni Cornell knows how it feels to lose someone to addiction. And she wants to make sure its never a reality for others.
Brenton Blanchet / October 9, 2020

Chris Cornell’s Estate Shares Previously Unreleased Version of ‘Only These Words’

In honor of Toni Cornell's 16th birthday, Chris Cornell's estate has released the original version of "Only These Words" — a track from 2015's "Higher Truth."
Daniel Kohn / September 18, 2020

Watch Toni Cornell Cover Pearl Jam’s ‘Black’

Toni Cornell, daughter of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, covered Pearl Jam's "Black" during the Lolla2020 livestream on Thursday. She performed a socially distanced,…
Ryan Reed / July 30, 2020

Chris Cornell’s Daughter Toni Covers Temple of the Dog’s ‘Hunger Strike’

Toni Cornell, the daughter of the late singer Chris Cornell, performed an acoustic cover of the Temple of the Dog's 1991 grunge ballad "Hunger Strike."
Emily Tan / April 20, 2020

Toni Cornell Releases New Song “Far Away Places” Produced by Dad Chris Cornell

Toni Cornell has released her first-ever single titled "Far Away Places." The song was produced and recorded by the 15-year-old's father, Chris Cornell, at their home studio…
Tosten Burks / September 19, 2019

Chris Cornell’s Daughter Toni Pays Moving Tribute to Her Dad in Father’s Day Letter

Last night, Chris Cornell's twelve-year-old daughter Toni published a tribute to her father on Cornell's Facebook page. One specific anecdote shared in the heartfelt letter,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 20, 2017