Tom Scharpling

Tom Scharpling Is in a Garden State of Mind

One would think that the "hook" of Tom Scharpling’s memoir, It Never Ends would be the fact that he a) was institutionalized for depression and…
Eric Farwell / July 12, 2021

There’s Something Funny About Kurt Vile

It’s getting harder to find Discmans these days, which is bad news for Kurt Vile. "I’d buy so many from Best Buy, and they’d be…
Anna Gaca / October 12, 2018

Video: Frankie Cosmos – “Apathy”

Frankie Cosmos has released a new video for their song "Apathy" from their latest album, Vessel. The video, written and directed by Tom Scharpling of…
Israel Daramola / April 30, 2018

David Crosby Calls The Best Show, Says He Once Bought Oregano Instead of Weed

David Crosby was a surprise caller on the former WFMU staple The Best Show last night, as Pitchfork points out. "All I know of you as…
Winston Cook-Wilson / August 30, 2017

Hear James Murphy Discuss LCD Soundsystem’s New Album on The Best Show

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy was the guest on last night's episode of Tom Scharpling's The Best Show. The pair went deep on the Cure's discography and…
Andy Cush / August 9, 2017

Hear Kurt Vile Cover Lou Reed and Steve Gunn Cover John Mayer on The Best Show

Kurt Vile and his old bandmate Steve Gunn were guests on the Best Show last night, having a characteristically freewheeling conversation with host Tom Scharpling on…
Andy Cush / May 31, 2017

Watch Superchunk’s Original Lineup Perform for the First Time in 25 Years

When a phone book misspelled drummer Chuck Garrison's name as "Chunk," his poppy punk band decided to take the name for their own in 1989.
Dan Weiss / March 1, 2016

Kurt Vile Grand-Marshals His Own Parade in ‘KV Crimes’ Video

At last, those residing outside of Philadelphia can experience that whole Kurt Vile parade thingamajig. The Philadelphia string-strummer's new video for "KV Crimes" — directed by Tom…
Jordan Sargent / June 6, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Patton Oswalt in Hilarious Ettes Video

What if a director squandered an $81 million music video budget and all the band had left was a bunch of footage of themselves acting…
Peter Gaston / August 24, 2011