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Stream Joan of Arc’s New Album 1984

There ought to be some sort of award for Joan of Arc, who've released an album each year since their inception in 1996. Luckily that doesn't…
Isabella Castro-Cota / June 1, 2018

Joan of Arc Announce New Album, Releases First Single “Truck”

After more than 20 years of wonked-out, impressionistic indie, Joan of Arc today announced a new LP, titled 1984. A press release calls this the "hundredth…
Dale Eisinger / April 4, 2018

New Music: Stream Joan of Arc’s He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands

This Friday, Tim Kinsella's Joan of Arc will release He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands, their first new album in…
Jeremy Gordon / January 17, 2017

Video: Joan of Arc – “Two-Toothed Troll”

Joan of Arc, the long-running, ever-evolving musical project of Chicago indie fixture Tim Kinsella, are prepping their new album, He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your…
Anna Gaca / January 4, 2017

The SPIN Interview: American Football’s Mike Kinsella

Mike Kinsella quickly cops to being "old," by which he means that he’s 39, married, and spent the day taking his kids to IKEA. His aw-shucks attitude…
Anna Gaca / October 21, 2016

Owls Deal in Creepy Card Game for ‘I’m Surprised…’ Video

Long-quiet emo outfit Owls finally made their return this month with Two, the follow-up to their self-titled 2001 debut album. Before the LP hit iTunes,…
Kyle McGovern / March 31, 2014

Owls Revel in Being Broke and Grubby on ‘Ancient Stars Seed’

Chicago emo-indie quartet Owls broke a decade-long hiatus in 2012 and got their act together last year to finally bring us their second album, Two.
Dan Reilly / February 4, 2014

Owls Unsurprisingly Sound Great on Return Song ‘I’m Surprised’

In December, emo OG Tim Kinsella confirmed to SPIN that his long-dormant Owls outfit would make a grand return in 2014. We then got an…
Chris Martins / January 8, 2014

Owls Confirm Long-Awaited Second Album With Off-Kilter Teaser

In a recent conversation with SPIN, Tim Kinsella confirmed that Owls, one of the singer-songwriter's many projects, would release a new album next spring. Now,…
Kyle McGovern / December 20, 2013

The Reluctant Survivor: Tim Kinsella on a Prolific, Polarizing Career at the Art-Rock Margins

Tim Kinsella won't stop. He can't. He's played the reluctant star from the moment he first emerged as the mercurial bandleader for Cap'n Jazz, setting…
Jessica Hopper / December 16, 2013

Joan of Arc, ‘Flowers’ (Polyvinyl)

These Chicago indie vets have caught flak over the years for being too arty and inscrutable, so maybe that's the reason songwriter Tim Kinsella spends…
Spencer Kornhaber / May 20, 2009

Joan of Arc, ‘Boo! Human’ (Polyvinyl)

Boo! Human opens with "Shown and Told," a sweetly cerebral homage to Simon & Garfunkel that segues into knowing laughter. But the remainder of the…
Shannon Zimmerman / May 30, 2008

Joan of Arc

What? As his twelfth full-length under the Joan of Arc nom de tune, and umpteenth release among numerous other bands and short-lived musical projects, Boo…
William Goodman / May 16, 2008