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The SPIN Interview: Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson has taken to miming. With her shock of crimson hair pulled into a bun, she declares in a proud brogue, "This is how…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2012

The SPIN Interview: The Shins’ James Mercer

"For the longest time, I didn't even want to admit I was serious about music," says James Mercer, sitting cross-legged on the floor of his…
Kelly Clarke / February 22, 2012

The SPIN Interview: John Darnielle

The Hold Steady may have sung the words "Me and my friends are like / The drums on 'Lust for Life,' " but John Darnielle lives…
Joe Gross / April 1, 2011

The SPIN Interview: Julian Casablancas

Six weeks before the October release of Phrazes for the Young, Julian Casablancas' wonderfully familiar (that voice!) and far-out (those synths!) solo debut, the erstwhile…
David Marchese / November 1, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Mos Def

Dante "Mos Def" Smith walks the walk and talks the talk — literally. This past May, he led me on a four-hour interview ramble around…
Charles Aaron / August 1, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker found fame as Britpop's gawkiest sex symbol, first by releasing fantastic songs like "Common People" with Pulp, then by bum-rushing Jacko at an…
Josh Modell / June 1, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Lemmy

"Fuck Elvis and Keith Richards," Dave Grohl has said. "Lemmy's the king of rock'n'roll." And on this sunny L.A. February afternoon, the king is holding…
Matt Diehl / April 1, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Alex Kapranos

When Franz Ferdinand broke big, Alex Kapranos seemed older and wiser than many of his buzzy peers. Little surprise, then, that his band is still…
Phoebe Reilly / March 1, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Brandon Flowers

All that fine, feathered Killers singer Brandon Flowers wants is to be a larger-than-life rock star, given to grandiose statements and office-unfriendly outfits. But he…
David Marchese / February 1, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Elvis Costello

He's tackled nearly every form of contemporary music over 27 albums. Now Elvis Costello is taking his cultural ambassador skills to their logical a…
Chris Norris / December 1, 2008

The SPIN Interview: Lou Reed

In the wake of Lou Reed's death, do not be fooled into thinking he was a man whose genius was a result of being cool,…
David Marchese / November 1, 2008

The SPIN Interview: Noel Gallagher

A beaming Noel Gallagher strolls across the floor of a North London photo studio enthusing about a new and exciting phase of his life, looking…
Michael Odell / October 1, 2008

The SPIN Interview: Patti Smith

In the three decades since her debut, Patti Smith, rock's poet laureate and subject of a new documentary, found domestic bliss and endured tragic loss.
David Marchese / September 1, 2008

The SPIN Interview: Q-Tip

Kamaal "Q-Tip" Fareed is the leader of Queens, New York–based group A Tribe Called Quest, whose innovative first three albums are perhaps hip-hop's most universally…
Thomas Golianopoulos / August 1, 2008

The SPIN Interview: Paul Weller

As frontman for the Jam and later the Style Council, Paul Weller has been an uncompromising face of British rock for three decades. "I've considered…
Nick Duerden / July 1, 2008
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