The Promise Ring

Q&A: Label Founder Tim Owen on the Evolution of Jade Tree Records

For anyone with stock in early '90s punk, emo, and hardcore, independent East Coast record label Jade Tree was an institution. It was the source…
Patric Fallon / July 23, 2014

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012’s 20 Best Sets

This past weekend, Austin's seventh annual Fun Fun Fun Fest saw the once-modest, mid-autumn gathering finally metamorphose from off-season distraction to a festival-season staple capable…
David Bevan / November 5, 2012

The Promise Ring Reunite for Two Shows, Rarities Compilation, and Way More, Probably

Milwaukee's late-'90s band the Promise Ring were ahead of their time: They were emo before emo was wildly profitable, and they wrote a song called…
Steve Kandell / November 29, 2011