the misfits

Misfits Announce New Jersey Reunion Show With Original Lineup

The "Original" Misfits have announced an upcoming tour date in their home state of New Jersey, their first in the state in over 35 years. The band first…
Arielle Gordon / January 30, 2018

Review: The Spark Is Gone on Danzig’s Plodding Black Laden Crown

Jake, my four-year-old son has been obsessed with the Misfits for half his life. Part of his interest in the group is purely visual—the vintage…
Brandon Stosuy / May 26, 2017

Riot Fest 2016 Lineup: The Original Misfits’ First Show in 30-Plus Years, Ween Reunited, and More

The 2016 edition of Riot Fest has finally announced both its lineups, for Denver and Chicago, and the unmistakable biggest story is the reunion of…
Dan Weiss / May 18, 2016

Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to Reunite the Misfits at Riot Fest

Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only appear to have overcome any personal animosity inspired by their fight over the right to put the Misfits' "crimson ghost" logo on all manner…
Anna Gaca / May 12, 2016

Glenn Danzig Loses Lawsuit Over Crappy Misfits Merch Money

Back in April, Glenn Danzig filed a lawsuit against his old Misfits bandmate Jerry Only over Hot Topic's increasingly varied line of merch related to…
Dan Reilly / August 14, 2014

Austin Considers Statue of Glenn Danzig Riding a Dragon

Street signs? Check. Neighborhood association? Check. A statue of Glenn Danzig astride a fire-breathing dragon? Why not?At last night's Austin Music Commission, usually a tame…
Harley Brown / June 4, 2014

Glenn Danzig Suing Over Godawful Misfits Merch

In case you were wondering why the Misfits' logo has ended up plastered indiscriminately across all manner of strange merch, well, it wasn't Glenn Danzig's…
Colin Joyce / May 6, 2014

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Nites: Kurt Vile, Misfits, Flatbush Zombies, and More

Organizers for Fun Fun Fun Fest have announced the roster for this year's FFF Nites showcase, the series of after-hours performances happening at venues throughout…
Kyle McGovern / October 16, 2013

Danzig Will Terrorize Riot Fest Chicago With Misfits-Heavy Set

Danzig have crashed the lineup for Chicago's Riot Fest after being forced to cancel an August 16 gig at theWindy City's  Congress Theater. Organizers for…
Kyle McGovern / August 14, 2013

Today’s Hot Style: Vintage Rock Tees

Want to show your love for the Ramones, AC/DC, the Clash, or the Dead Kennedys -- and have $300-$500 to spend?
SPIN Staff / August 19, 2009

The Spin Interview: Glenn Danzig

Tight black T-shirt. Straight black hair. Talons for fingernails. Pale, corpselike skin. Skull tattoo on pumped left bicep. Glenn Danzig relishes his image as hard…
Greg Burk / July 27, 2007