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The Mars Volta, ‘Noctourniquet’ (Warner Bros.)

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta has spoken recently with atypical clarity about the reunion of his old band, At the Drive-In, which is set…
Mikael Wood / March 30, 2012

Mars Volta’s ‘Malkin Jewel’: An Unexpected Garage-Rock Stomper

The Mars Volta's sixth album, Noctourniquet, comes out on March 27 with a storyline evidently drawn from Greek myth, Superman comics, and obscure British rockists.
Marc Hogan / February 13, 2012

The Mars Volta’s March LP ‘Noctourniquet’ Promises to Be Confounding

Prog-rock fans could be in for an exciting 2012. Earlier this month came word that At the Drive-In, the influential pre-Mars Volta band of Cedric…
Marc Hogan / January 17, 2012

WATCH: Mars Volta Perform 3 New Songs

After a two-year break, El Paso, TX, outfit the Mars Volta have wrapped their yet-to-be-titled sixth studio album, tentatively slated for release in early 2012,…
William Goodman / July 28, 2011

Mars Volta on New Album: “It’s Mellow”

Load the bong: The Mars Volta are back with a new album -- and according to singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala, the former prog-rockers are exploring their…
Larry Fitzmaurice / April 14, 2009
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