the low anthem

‘Bob Dylan in the ’80s’ Tribute Comp Gives a Maligned Era the Respect It Deserves

Annotating this friendly takeover by smart young Americana types, Jonathan Lethem argues that the maligned and presumed lost '80s Dylan was only trying to prove…
Robert Christgau / March 19, 2014

5 Best Sets of Bonnaroo 2011: Day 3

Bonnaroo continued on Saturday with sets from hip-hop's hottest newcomer Wiz Khalifa and Neil Young and Stephen Stills' reunited '60s band Buffalo Springfield. But there…
SPIN Staff / June 12, 2011

Meet the New Stars of Americana

Call it chillbilly, bootgaze, artisanal rock, outhouse, tin can alley, or hobohemian. But dismiss it at your own peril. The homegrown retro scene is here.
Amanda Petrusich / May 16, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Low Anthem’s Circus High-Wire Act

Rhode Island folk rockers the Low Anthem have an old-timey roots sound, and in the video for "Boeing 737," a ballad from their new album…
Dan Jackson / April 8, 2011

Watch Acoustic Sets from Backstage at Bonnaroo!

Sadly, we weren't allowed to build an actual fire at our Bonnaroo campsite, but we still kept a "Kumbayah" spirit afloat by inviting some of…
SPIN Staff / June 17, 2009