the civil wars

The National Meets the Civil Wars for AMC’s ‘Turn’

Mad Men isn't the only AMC drama with cool opening credits by hip artists. Turn, a new show about Revolutionary War spies, features an opening…
Dan Reilly / April 4, 2014

Civil Wars Limply Cover Elliott Smith’s ‘Between the Bars’

Last year's 10th anniversary of Elliott Smith's sad death came at what has turned out to be a strange time for the singer's legacy. In…
Marc Hogan / February 6, 2014

Who Charted? The Civil Wars Notch No. 1 While Robin Thicke Blurs More Lines

First! Worst New Music recipients the Civil Wars have been rewarded for their shitty effort! So what if the pair's second album, The Civil Wars, is…
Chris Martins / August 14, 2013

Meet the New Stars of Americana

Call it chillbilly, bootgaze, artisanal rock, outhouse, tin can alley, or hobohemian. But dismiss it at your own peril. The homegrown retro scene is here.
Amanda Petrusich / May 16, 2011