The Alchemist

Watch Unreleased Mac Miller Studio Footage in the Alchemist’s Bread Short Film

The Alchemist has spent this decade amassing a deep catalogue of soul-sample street rap noir in the vein of his grayscale turn-of-the-century rise with Mobb Deep,…
Tosten Burks / November 30, 2018

Video: The Alchemist – “E Coli” (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)

The Alchemist has released a new song featuring Earl Sweatshirt entitled "E Coli." The track find Sweatshirt detailing a weary internal monologue over a cinematic orchestral loop and…
Tosten Burks / November 27, 2018

Mobb Deep – “Try My Hand”

The Alchemist produced regularly for the late Prodigy from the late 1990s up until his passing, and today, the producer shared a new unreleased track called "Try My Hand" credited…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 21, 2017

The Alchemist Recruits Mac Miller and Migos for Low-Slung ‘Jabroni’

Stoner rap super-producer and frequent Action Bronson sous-chef the Alchemist has seasoned the new offering from his Craft Singles vinyl 45 series, "Jabroni," with the unlikely pairing…
Harley Brown / November 19, 2015

Action Bronson Goes for a Wild Ride in Gangrene’s ‘Driving Gloves’ Video

Gangrene, the production duo of the Alchemist and Oh No, have a new album called You Disgust Me out on August 7. For the first…
Colin Joyce / July 17, 2015

Boldy James, Earl Sweatshirt Menace on Alchemist-Blessed ‘Reform School’

Recently a little clique developed in Los Angeles: the rappers Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, and Action Bronson, plus the producer the Alchemist. In August of…
Jordan Sargent / October 7, 2013

Rap Release of the Week: The Alchemist’s ‘Yacht Rock’

Yacht Rock is the Alchemist's two-part, Dilla's Donuts-gone-cocaine-crazy collage of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous clips, samples from sunbaked '70s pop and '80s cheese…
Brandon Soderberg / November 8, 2012

No Trivia’s Friday Five: Sherman Hemsley’s Proto-Swag

Sherman Hemsley, best known for portraying George Jefferson on the television show The Jeffersons, died earlier this week. Hemsley twisted a white-created cipher of a…
Brandon Soderberg / July 27, 2012

Hear the Alchemist’s Twisted Full ‘Russian Roulette’

Though super-producer the Alchemist is best known for producing Walkman-bangers for Nas, Mobb Deep, and Jadakass, he's increasingly indulging in an avant-garde streak, first in…
Christopher R. Weingarten / July 17, 2012

The Alchemist, ‘Russian Roulette’ (Decon)

8SPIN Rating: 8 of 10Release Date: July 17, 2012Label: DeconRap cosmonaut and crew fueled on proto-electro UFO crashes, Tarkovsky, VHS horror, fusion jazz solos.
Christopher R. Weingarten / July 17, 2012