Sunwatchers Find a Sweet Spot Between Psych Rock and Free Jazz on II

To get a sense of Sunwatchers, take a look at a list of artists they’ve covered recently: desert-punk weirdos the Meat Puppets on one side; legendary…
Andy Cush / February 6, 2018

Sunwatchers – “Silent Boogie”

New York City based band Sunwatchers makes bracing, exploratory music that straddles the line between psych rock and free jazz. When I saw them in Brooklyn…
Andy Cush / November 3, 2017

Sunwatchers Lift the Lid Off of Their Psych-Jazz Cauldron With New Track ‘Eusebius’

New York avant outfit, Sunwatchers, conjure freewheeling soundscapes of psych-jazz, drone, and sax-punk that transport the listener to fantastical, far-out worlds of sonorous noise. According…
Evan Siegel / February 16, 2016