Steve Hauschildt

The 20 Best Avant Albums of 2015

Hard and fast boundaries don't mean much these days. M.I.A. would tell you as much, offering a big ol' "what's up with that?" at the…
Colin Joyce / December 9, 2015

Review: Steve Hauschildt Makes Music for Sleepwalking on ‘Where All Is Fled’

New Age started as a musical genre with a functional purpose. Long before Mike Oldfield was disguising platinum-selling instrumentals in a shimmering haze of gauze…
Colin Joyce / September 23, 2015

Steve Hauschildt, ‘Tragedy & Geometry’ (Kranky)

Steve Hauschildt, of Cleveland electronica trio Emeralds, says the title of this intriguing album refers to the muses of tragedy (Melpomene) and geometry (Polyhymnia). Egghead…
Jon Young / November 15, 2011