Terrific Twitter Trio of the Week

Lots of musicians tweet -- but all that Twitters is not gold.
Anna Hyclak / October 23, 2009

Spinnerette Celebrate Album Release in NYC

Since Brody Dalle, the tattooed Amazon goddess of a frontwoman, disbanded her So-Cal punk outfit, the Distillers, in 2006, her focus has been more maternal…
John Macdonald / June 23, 2009

First Look: Brody Dalle’s Spinnerette

To celebrate today's release of the Ghetto Love EP, the first material from former Distillers frontwoman Brody Dalle's new band, Spinnerette, Dalle and director Liam…
Larry Fitzmaurice / December 11, 2008

Exclusive Song: Brody Dalle’s Spinnerette

With her new group Spinnerette, former Distillers guitarist/vocalist Brody Dalle certainly "calls the shots." And that fact is evident from the assured lyrics of "Ghetto…
Larry Fitzmaurice / December 5, 2008

Brody Dalle Speaks on Spinnerette, Distillers

It's been over a year since we last heard from former Distillers singer/guitarist Brody Dalle. But now that the debut album from her new project,…
Larry Fitzmaurice / November 14, 2008