Spectrals Call It Quits

Louis Jones, the man behind throwback power-pop act Spectrals, has brought an end to the project. He abruptly announced the news earlier today (September 11)…
Dan Reilly / September 11, 2013

Hear Spectrals’ Heartbreaking New Album ‘Sob Story’

Spectrals, the U.K. power-pop duo of brothers Louis and Will Jones, have shared their easy-to-love new album Sob Story, streaming in full below. Produced with…
Kyle McGovern / May 28, 2013

Hear Spectrals’ Power-Pop Triumph ‘A Heartbeat Behind’

When the Spectrals began, the project was simply Louis Jones, an English fella with a knack for wry lyrics and stripped-down power-pop. But Spectrals have…
Chris Martins / April 26, 2013