Seattle’s KEXP to Play Every Single Sub Pop Release on Air

Seattle noncommercial radio station KEXP will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their fellow Emerald City music institution Sub Pop by playing every single one of…
Andy Cush / March 9, 2018

Calvin Johnson Spins in Seattle

He's a revered college-rock icon as a musician, producer, DJ and label head. His deadpan monotone voice and blues-mired guitar elicits a nostalgic assault upon…
Jamee Smith / June 27, 2008

New Common Market MP3 from ‘Tobacco Road’

Lyric-spitter RA Scion and his producing partner-in-crime Sabzi (also of Blue Scholars repute) first fueled their way out of Seattle's rain-soaked streets with the Black…
Kenny Herzog / June 27, 2008