Seattle’s KEXP to Play Every Single Sub Pop Release on Air

Seattle noncommercial radio station KEXP will┬ábe celebrating the 30th anniversary of their fellow Emerald City music institution Sub Pop by playing every single one of…
Andy Cush / March 9, 2018

Calvin Johnson Spins in Seattle

He's a revered college-rock icon as a musician, producer, DJ and label head. His deadpan monotone voice and blues-mired guitar elicits a nostalgic assault upon…
Jamee Smith / June 27, 2008

New Common Market MP3 from ‘Tobacco Road’

Lyric-spitter RA Scion and his producing partner-in-crime Sabzi (also of Blue Scholars repute) first fueled their way out of Seattle's rain-soaked streets with the Black…
Kenny Herzog / June 27, 2008