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Hear Jarvis Cocker Grill Scott Walker on Bawdy Lyrics and Long Songs

In anticipation of the Tuesday release of his 14th studio album, Bish Bosch, reclusive pop experimentalist Scott Walker sat down with Jarvis Cocker for a…
Chris Martins / December 4, 2012

Scott Walker Previews ‘Bish Bosch’ With Brilliantly Dissonant Twofer

The first sound you hear on Scott Walker's new album, for several disorienting seconds, is a clipped percussion sample that sounds not unlike a skipping…
Marc Hogan / November 8, 2012

Bat for Lashes Explains New Record

Natasha Khan, the head-band sporting Brit songstress behind mystical indie rock outfit Bat for Lashes, has revealed details for the follow-up to her SPIN-praised debut,…
Melissa Goldstein / January 12, 2009
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