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Sadly the Forthcoming Gladiator Sequel Is Not Nick Cave’s Christ Killer

Nick Cave's aborted screenplay for a Gladiator sequel is one of the most intriguing unrealized projects in cinema history. After the runaway success of Ridley Scott's Roman epic…
Andy Cush / November 2, 2018

D.A. Throws Out Azealia Banks’s Battery Case Against Russell Crowe

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has thrown out Azealia Banks's battery case against actor Russell Crowe. The embattled singer alleged that Crowe…
Brian Josephs / December 7, 2016

Tom Cruise Just Posted a Teaser for the New Mummy Movie

Tom Cruise is back with a big announcement, just in time to distract from Leah Remini's controversial new Scientology-expose series and the smarmy disappointment that…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 1, 2016

Report: Azealia Banks Files Battery Charges Against Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks has filed battery charges against Russell Crowe following a dispute in the actor’s Beverly Hills hotel room Saturday night, TMZ reports.
Taylor Berman / October 17, 2016