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Deadmau5 and Rob Ford Go on a ‘Coffee Run,’ Talk Politics and EDM

Aside from his music and famous mouse head, Deadmau5 is well known for sharing his uncensored thoughts on fellow musicians, especially those who cheapen or…
Dan Reilly / July 31, 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Bets a Drake CD Raptors Will Win NBA Playoffs

Drake's been getting attention aplenty for his comments and appearances courtside during the NBA playoffs. One day he's accusing Jay Z of skipping the action…
Chris Martins / April 23, 2014

Mayor Rob Ford Declares ‘Bob Marley Day’ in Toronto

Toronto mayor and occasional narcotics dabbler Rob Ford is a big reggae fan. In December, the roly-poly politician danced to the music at a City…
Dan Reilly / February 6, 2014