Ridley Scott

Sadly the Forthcoming Gladiator Sequel Is Not Nick Cave’s Christ Killer

Nick Cave's aborted screenplay for a Gladiator sequel is one of the most intriguing unrealized projects in cinema history. After the runaway success of Ridley Scott's Roman epic…
Andy Cush / November 2, 2018

Report: Michelle Williams Paid $1.4 Million Less Than Mark Wahlberg to Reshoot All the Money In the World

Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for his work reshooting All the Money in the World, while co-star Michelle Williams received less than $1,000, USA Today reports.
Tosten Burks / January 9, 2018

Ridley Scott on Sexual Harassment in Hollywood: There’s “More People Out There Who Are Way Overdue”

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Ridley Scott recently spoke about the process of replacing Kevin Spacey in his upcoming film All the Money in the…
Jordan Freiman / November 29, 2017

Watch the First Full Official Trailer for Blade Runner 2049

"Every civilization was built off the back of a disposable workhorse," a blind, berobed Jared Leto says, cradling a newborn Replicant. A filthy, trenchcoat-clad Officer…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 8, 2017