Ricky Reed

Pop Producer Ricky Reed Is Living the Nice Life

There are two types of smiles. The first comes from concerted approval; the second spreads reflexively. The former is often feigned, the latter is all natural. Ricky…
Brennan Carley / May 31, 2016

Lizzo Drops New Ricky Reed-Produced Banger, ‘Good As Hell’

Minneapolis rapper/singer Lizzo just released a new single called "Good As Hell" as an exclusive on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show. It's a slickly crafted…
Brennan Carley / March 7, 2016

Meghan Trainor Gives a Firm ‘NO’ on New Ricky Reed-Produced Single

Though Grammy-winning Best New Artist Meghan Trainor put out a debut album in 2015 that didn't exactly make an amazing impression on SPIN, the 22-year-old pop…
Brennan Carley / March 4, 2016