Richard Thompson

Dori Freeman – “If I Could Make You My Own”

Dori Freeman is a country singer-songwriter from Virginia who released her acclaimed self-titled debut album last year. Not long ago, she released "If I Could Make…
Andy Cush / September 8, 2017

Misty Mountain Pop: 8 Essentials of British Folk Rock

The British folk-rock boom that began in the late 1960s, in retrospect, was inevitable. You'd had American folksingers and roots bands, starting with Dylan, going…
Chuck Eddy / January 25, 2013

Richard Thompson, ‘Dream Attic’ (Shout! Factory)

Recording new material live in a series of concerts with his longtime road band is the best idea Thompson's had since he ditched soul-muting '90s…
Joe Gross / August 16, 2010