One Dead, Others Injured After Illegal Quarantine Weekend Raves In Manchester

Two illegal "quarantine raves" in Manchester this weekend at Daisy Nook Country Park and in Carrington resulted in a rape, a death and three stabbings,…
Brenton Blanchet / June 15, 2020

Joe Biden Wanted to Ban Raves and Jail Promoters in 2001 Senate Testimony

A clip of 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden from 2001 has been making the rounds recently. In it, the then-Delaware senator is arguing on behalf…
Maggie Serota / June 19, 2019

Cops Raided an Awesome-Sounding Rave in an Abandoned Toys “R” Us and Arrested Five People

A bunch of West London ravers were living the "music inside of an empty shopping mall" meme IRL when some cops crashed their party and…
Andy Cush / April 12, 2018