Hear Jeffery Drag Records’ Raucous Winter Mixtape

Last month, Nashville label Jeffery Drag unveiled "Big City," a scorching thrasher from Music City post-punks Western Medication. Now the label has put together a…
Marc Hogan / December 14, 2012

PUJOL, ‘United States of Being’ (Saddle Creek)

A Black Lips-hosted Smash Mouth seance without a memorable hook or melody to its name — nerve-grating.
David Bevan / June 18, 2012

Download ‘DIY2K’ From Pujol’s Debut Album

On "DIY2K," the nicely peevish first single from Pujol's adrenalized full-length debut, United States of Being, band mastermind Daniel Pujol howls, "America, you know better…
David Marchese / March 7, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Jack White-Produced Song from Pujol

When you're an up-and-coming Nashville rocker like Daniel Pujol, you can't do much better than having Jack White behind the boards producing songs for your…
Peter Gaston / November 19, 2010

5 Hot Nashville Bands You Need to Hear Now

Nashville has a fitting nickname: "Music City." As the capital of country music, iconic artists like Elvis, Johnny Cash, the Everly Brothers, and Bob Dylan…
Nicole Keiper / September 23, 2010