Powell Turned Steve Albini’s Anti-Electronic Music Screed Into a Video for ‘Insomniac’

Earlier this week, XL-signed producer Oscar Powell took out a billboard ad for his new single "Insomniac" featuring an anti-dance music screed penned by Steve…
Colin Joyce / October 2, 2015

Steve Albini Hates Electronic Music, So a Dance Producer Took Out a Billboard to Spite Him

Steve Albini's never one to let his dissatisfaction go unregistered. The famed engineer and Electrical Audio owner unleashed another of his now-famous rants about the…
Colin Joyce / September 29, 2015

Control Voltage’s Friday Five: Lo-Def Jams

I still remember the day I first heard Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy, in a record store in Portland, Oregon. It was 1985, I was 14…
Philip Sherburne / January 11, 2013