Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ Album Hath Risen

Pope Francis, yes that Pope Francis, is releasing his debut album today. The LP, Wake Up!, features some of the Pope's best speeches and sermons set to a variety…
James Grebey / November 27, 2015

Pope Francis’ New Single Isn’t as Fun as His First

Pope Francis: It's super cool that you're releasing an album, and the first track was a legit banger, but the follow-up is kind of a bummer. "Por…
James Grebey / October 30, 2015

Pope Francis Truly Is the Next Jesus Christ Superstar on Debut Single

And people complained they don't put rock stars on the cover of Rolling Stone anymore. In the surprise release to end them all, Pope Francis…
Dan Weiss / September 25, 2015

Oh My God, Pope Francis Is Releasing a Pop-Rock Album

Though he's in the midst of his historic trip to the United States right now, Pope Francis is going to bless us by releasing a pop-rock record.
James Grebey / September 25, 2015