Art-Rockers Ponytail Drop Smooth(ie) Clip

Since their debut album Kamehameha in 2006, Baltimore's Ponytail have become one of art-rock's best new bands, with unhinged, spastic guitar jams featuring singer Molly…
Vann Alexandra / April 14, 2011

Ponytail, ‘Do Whatever You Want All the Time’ (We Are Free)

Don't look to Ponytail's third album for clues about whether the quartet has broken up; you're better off simply basking in its bouncing-round-the-room glee. Electronics…
Richard Gehr / April 12, 2011

After the Jump Fest Invades Brooklyn

As the Northern Hemisphere officially welcomed summer this past Saturday (June 21) with sweaty, outstretched arms, Brooklynites, with plenty of perspiration of their own, greeted…
William Goodman / June 23, 2008

Catch the Buzz: Ponytail

Who? Bridging the gap between dolphin squeak and Yoko Ono shriek, Ponytail vocalist Molly Siegel rounds out this genre-bending quartet of Baltimore art-punks, who all…
SPIN Staff / June 3, 2008
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