planet earth

The Composers Behind the Epic Music of Planet Earth II Talk About Scoring the Iguana Chase Scene and Working With David Attenborough

Ten years after Planet Earth blew the minds of every biology student and pot-smoking teen who came across it, the BBC has rolled out the sequel: Planet Earth II, which…
Andy Cush / February 21, 2017

New Music: Sigur Rós – “Hoppípolla” (Planet Earth II Mix)

Icelandic rock vets Sigur Rós have shared a brand-new version of their tender, piano-driven Takk... classic "Hoppípolla." The original 2005 version of the song was used…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 23, 2016

Watch an Extended Trailer for the Upcoming Planet Earth II

The Great Barrier Reef is not actually dead yet. Pandas are no longer endangered, just vulnerable. And the BBC is making Planet Earth II, a six-part…
Anna Gaca / October 15, 2016