Piers Morgan

There Is Only One Takeaway From T.I.’s Instagram Post About Michael Jackson

On Tuesday, British troll Piers Morgan shared on Good Morning Britain several clips from an extended 1999 interview he conducted with Michael Jackson, in which Jackson says he…
Tosten Burks / March 7, 2019

Piers Morgan Was a Kehlani Fan Before Most of Us Had Even Heard of Her

Before Kehlani was bringing freewheeling fun and swinging hooks back to 2010s R&B as a solo artist, she was the frontwoman of Poplyfe, a teenaged ensemble that…
Andy Cush / February 16, 2017

Madonna and Her Manager Pwn Piers Morgan on Twitter

Anyone who's ever watched American Idol or Britain's Got Talent knows that British journalist-turned-TV-host Piers Morgan has fashioned himself as Simon Cowell's even-cattier sidekick. When…
Devon Maloney / March 28, 2012