Orbital, ’90s Techno Greats, Announce Second Breakup

Original rave-era techno duo Orbital has announced their second breakup, via a statement by co-founder Paul Hartnoll about his new solo album. Hartnoll's message, released…
Andrew Unterberger / October 21, 2014

Drums and Wires: Read SPIN’s 1996 Report on Rock’s Dawning Electronic-Music Obsession

San Bernardino National Forest, just like I pictured it — no skyscrapers, everything. But most of the 6,300 kids of all ages attending "Organic" June…
Charles Aaron / February 11, 2014

Orbital, ‘Wonky’ (ACP)

Pioneer rave duo return to update bleeps and bloops with a joy so contagious even goth guest Zola Jesus seems happy.
Barry Walters / April 4, 2012