How Do Rappers Handle “Nigga” During the Rise of White-Dominated Festivals?

This past March in Amsterdam, Oddisee—a D.C. rapper whose music often wrestles with sociopolitical themes—had a surreal experience. During a performance, he spotted a white…
Brian Josephs / September 13, 2017

Oddisee – “Never Lived”

The Adult Swim Singles Program premiered Oddisee's new track "Never Lived" for the series' 18th entry. Oddisee, who's prosing about life's ebbs and flows over…
Brian Josephs / September 6, 2017

Danny Brown’s Solipsism, Deltron 3030’s Crash Landing, and 9 More Hip-Hop LPs in No Trivia

 ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Danny Brown - Old (Fool's Gold)I've written plenty of words on this one already, but here's some more, since something this knotty and…
Brandon Soderberg / October 22, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Cam’ron Creepily Aims for Internet Relevance on ‘Instagram Catfish’

Cam'ron ft. Sen City, "Instagram Catfish"Wherein Killa Cam gets Internet topical over a sorta-tropical production (it sounds like something off Le1f's sensuous Tree House) that…
Brandon Soderberg / October 3, 2013

Trent Reznor Channels Timbaland (and Nelly Furtado) on Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Satellite’

C4 ft. Rome Fortune, "Don't Wanna Be a Star"Along with Childish Major, Atlanta producer C4 is pushing "New ATL" sounds past their breaking point, with splintered,…
Brandon Soderberg / September 5, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Frank Ocean Shows Up Earl Sweatshirt on ‘Sunday’

Cities Aviv, "???"From .Avi, an odds-and-sods mixtape collecting a bunch of in-transition tracks that show Memphis rapper Cities Aviv's move from the chillwave-tinged, Justus…
Brandon Soderberg / August 22, 2013

Oddisee, ‘People Hear What They See’ (Mello Music Group)

The D.C. producer raps more than last year’s gem Odd Seasons; sounds both inspired and clumsy.
Mosi Reeves / June 15, 2012

Oddisee on Go-Go, Bon Iver, and ‘People Hear What They See’

Piling accolades on top of the album while we were premiering it seemed a bit gauche, but Oddisee's latest, People Hear What They See, is…
Brandon Soderberg / June 6, 2012

First Spin: Hear Oddisee’s ‘People Hear What They See’

"I'm not a star, somebody lied / I ride the subway as a car, I'm getting by." That's Oddisee on "Do It All," the collaborative…
Brandon Soderberg / May 29, 2012