Nocturnal Wonderland

Dance Music’s Heavy Hitters On When They Knew EDM Was Breaking in America

For over two decades, Nocturnal Wonderland has been a key part of expanding the audience of dance music in the United States. To explore the…
Eric Ducker / September 11, 2015

Tensnake Talks Cultural Difference, EDM in America, and More at Nocturnal Wonderland

Tensnake isn't used to American rave culture. It's not that he doesn't like it -- quite the opposite in fact -- but it's a far…
Maud Deitch / September 10, 2015

L-Vis 1990 Talks The End of the EDM Bubble, ‘We Are Your Friends,’ and More at Nocturnal Wonderland

L-Vis 1990, real name James Connolly, does not look entirely at ease in the crush of neon, pasties, and kandi bracelets that surround him at…
Maud Deitch / September 9, 2015