music piracy

Hollywood Kills One of Oldest Living File-Sharing Sites

One of the longest-running BitTorrent sites is shutting down following an extended courtroom battle with the Motion Picture Association of America. Founder Gary Fung announced…
Chris Martins / October 18, 2013

In Anti-Piracy Surge, Google Asked to Remove Eight Links Per Second

If the number of complaints sent to Google is any indication, downloading copyrighting material for free over the search engine should be getting tougher by…
Marc Hogan / October 8, 2013

Japan Ups Penalties for Illegal Downloaders: Jail Time, Big Fines

With the second-largest music market after the United States, Japan seems to have taken a page out of our country‚Äôs recent Megaupload and SOPA/PIPA debacles…
Harley Brown / October 2, 2012