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Mogwai Head to Hawaii for Beguiling ‘The Lord Is Out of Control’ Video

Mogwai's new album remains tantalizingly tough to pin down. The first taste from the Scottish post-rock survivors' upcoming Rave Tapes was "Remurdered," an eerie slow-builder that neatly…
Marc Hogan / December 2, 2013

Mogwai Preview ‘Rave Tapes’ LP With Roiling, Synth-y ‘Remurdered’

Being permanently saddled with a descriptor like "post-rock" means never having to take genre restrictions too seriously. Mogwai have announced plans to release Rave Tapes,…
Marc Hogan / October 28, 2013

10 Albums You Can Hear Now: How to Destroy Angels, Johnny Marr, Atoms for Peace, More

Friday's finally here! Celebrate the oncoming weekend by strapping on a pair of headphones and streaming the 10 albums below.1) How to Destroy Angels, Welcome…
Kyle McGovern / February 22, 2013

Hear Mogwai’s Full, Surprisingly Low-Key ‘Les Revenants’ Soundtrack Album

Mogwai have amassed their considerable cult with the intense, sprawling post-rock instrumentals of 2011's Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will and 1997's landmark debut…
Marc Hogan / February 19, 2013

Mogwai Release Haunting Score for French Zombie Show ‘Les Revenants’

The title of Mogwai's last glorious full-length foray into apocalyptic post-rock suggested that these Scots are on the #YOLO train: Hardcore Will Never Die, But…
Chris Martins / December 21, 2012

10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Rage Against the Machine, Ke$ha, Sufjan Stevens, Mogwai

Another bounty of full-album streams is upon us. Clear your day and hit that play.1) Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against the Machine XX. "Their…
Chris Martins / November 28, 2012

Stream Mogwai’s Ferocious Remix Album ‘A Wrenched Virile Lore’

If hardcore did die, it would probably come back as a remix album; at least, that's what Scottish post-rock deities Mogwai seem to be saying…
Harley Brown / November 27, 2012

Mogwai’s ‘Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will’ Gets Remixed Into ‘A Wretched Virile Lore’

Scottish post-rock slayers Mogwai have commissioned a full-length remix set featuring a diverse set of contributors' takes on songs from their incredibly well-named 2011 Sub…
Chris Martins / October 5, 2012

Primavera’s Best Moments: Pulp, Warpaint & More!

For some 140,000 fans in Barcelona this weekend at the San Miguel Primavera Sound festival, music wasn't just "alternative," but an alternative. Last week unemployment…
Peter Gaston / May 31, 2011

Mogwai, ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’ (Sub Pop)

These builders of instrumental skyscrapers have evolved almost imperceptibly: Casual listeners won't find massive differences between the Scots' seventh album and 1997's classic debut Mogwai…
Josh Modell / February 15, 2011

WATCH: Exclusive Video from New Mogwai DVD

Scottish experimental rockers Mogwai have never been the sort of band that hogs a spotlight, or preens for the cameras, and in Burning, their new…
Peter Gaston / August 23, 2010

Best & Worst of All Points West: Day 3

BEST SET OF THE DAYFor all the you-know-how-I-know-you're-gay jokes Coldplay has to endure, give them credit for embracing the joke themselves."Let's practice some singing," Chris…
Ray Padgett / August 3, 2009

Mogwai Call Blur Reunion “Disastrous”

Well, we know at least one band that won't be sending "congratulations" balloons to Damon Albarn and Co.
Melissa Goldstein / December 15, 2008

New Albums from TV on the Radio, Kings of Leon, and 6 More

Here's a rundown of the albums available online and in record stores today: TV on the Radio, Dear ScienceRock's most visionary crew create a masterful…
SPIN Staff / September 23, 2008


What? With song titles such as "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead" and "I Love You, I'm Going To Blow Up Your School," it's easy to…
Larry Fitzmaurice / September 17, 2008
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