Mission of Burma

Hear Vundabar Interpolate Mission Of Burma’s “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” On Their Latest “Tonight I’m Wearing Silk”

Vundabar's new album Smell Smoke is out next week, and so far, singles "Acetone" and "Diver" have felt like a pretty good summation of the…
Rob Arcand / February 11, 2018

Mission of Burma, ‘Unsound’ (Fire Records)

The post-punks continue to make up for a two-decade hiatus with top-notch new signals, calls, and marches.
Kory Grow / July 11, 2012

Mission of Burma, ‘The Sound the Speed the Light’ (Matador)

The reunion seems to be working out. On their third stellar album after a nearly two-decade hiatus, the Boston art punks unleash more thoughtful brutality,…
Jon Young / October 6, 2009