Michelle Shocked

Silent Spotify Silent Album Earns $20,000 and Michelle Shocked Wants a Piece

Remember Sleepify, the silent album funk band Vulfpeck created for the sole purpose of gaming the Spotify payout system to earn them some cash (and fund a…
Dan Reilly / July 25, 2014

Newly Lucid Michelle Shocked Supports Gay Marriage on CNN

It is now very possible, if not likely, that the greater public will be soon be allowed to once again forget Michelle Shocked. In an…
Chris Martins / April 2, 2013

Michelle Shocked Stages Eccentric Protest Outside Venue That Dumped Her

Jesus suffered and died, for no reason other than God's love, at the hands of countrymen who knew not what they did. You don't have…
Marc Hogan / March 29, 2013

Michelle Shocked Rambles On, Hints at Larger ‘Conversation’

This past Sunday night, Michelle Shocked's concert at the San Francisco location of Yoshi's, an upscale restaurant/lounge, clearly did not go as planned. At least…
Rob Trucks / March 21, 2013

Audio of Michelle Shocked’s ‘Anti-Gay’ Rant Reveals Only Confusion

Earlier today, Michelle Shocked issued an apology following widespread reports of a homophobic rant that blindsided San Franciscan concertgoers on Sunday. "I am damn sorry," she said.
Daniel Kreps / March 20, 2013

Michelle Shocked Is ‘Damn Sorry’ for Rant, Doesn’t Actually Think God Hates Homosexuals

Michelle Shocked has issued a pair of statements regarding her controversial rant at a Sunday night San Francisco concert. It was widely reported, by USA…
Chris Martins / March 20, 2013

Michelle Shocked Claims Gay Marriage Will End the World, Venues End Her Tour Instead

UPDATE: Michelle Shocked has issued a statement apologizing for her remarks, which she says were misinterpreted. Read it in full here. But newly surfaced audio…
Chris Martins / March 19, 2013